Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kudos to Vodafone!

I don't know too many details about the Vodafone-Hutch deal but all that matters is that Vodafone is "the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world by turnover". So, naturally expectations are high when u are using a product backed by such a huge brand. Alas ! it's all sham!

Frustrated with Airtel's third-class connectivity I decided to move to Hutch (it was still Hutch a week ago). The move turned out to be pretty easy. My number was activated in a couple of days and connectivity was superb. Then I decided to pay a visit to their website so as to register my number there and see what payment and bill-viewing options they have. The site looks good at first; but has a crappy layout. It involves too many clicks. Select your region , then click on 'manage my Vodafone accnt' , then again select region.. wtf ? One big goofup is still there. The site doesn't support Firefox. Comeon man! FF has 35% market share. What is ur IT dept. doing Mr. Voda ?

Here's proof :
and the two missing image placeholders lead to these :

I registered my no. (10:40 pm yesterday) and waited for the temporary password in my inbox.
00:00 hrs and still waiting.. I go off to sleep... get up at 8.. still waiting....

9:30 today - the message finally comes. Thank u god! I read it and make this strange face! It says call 111 to get to ur password. Calling 111 -the usual IVRS shit and then I press 9 to talk to a so called executive (45 sec into the call already) ... wait wait wait.. 1:20 min - the call is disconnected. Repeat! Call gets disconnected at 2:05 min ! W T F ?

I try again... this time I get thru and get a reply that a SMS would reach my cell shortly. This time it was fine. 2 min later I have the password. So far so good. I try loggin in; it works; logout!

Then, at 9:50 this happens.

13 messages saying 'Call 111' arrive in my inbox ! I deleted 6 of them, but what was that about. It was like a loop. Tring Tring -> Delete Msg -> Tring Tring. Somebody sue Voda on my behalf !

Rather than spending 250 crores on moving that stupid pug dog from a pink kennel to a red one with crappy music playing in the background.. do some work on ur infra Mr. Voda !!!!

update on 21-Oct : They still show this :

The network name hasn't been changed to Vodafone !

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Abhinav said...

seems like they hav well adjusted to the IT boom @ india