Tuesday, August 19, 2008


One fine day I thought of my schoolmates,
How can I ever forget those eternal dates?
Those were the days when life was nice,
Unlike today’s life, devoid of any spice.

Everyone now is busy on his own,
No one even cares to talk on the phone,
Where are the days we all enjoyed together?
All that remains are faint reflections of one another.

Those thoughts are somewhere there in our minds,
We just need to toggle the blinds,
The light of joyous emotions will then come in,
To give us that nostalgic feeling.

And then we’ll all be in an elated state,
Not knowing the upcoming tricks of fate,
Such is the way we live life,
Pretending to be free of worries and strife,
And cherishing those moments,
In a world full of commitments.

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qwerty said...

Great work Batti....