Thursday, November 6, 2008

Long time, no see

It's been months since I wrote something here, apart from the last post (which actually is something I rant about every now and then). And it's all because of the fact that I do not have a computer to do any of this stuff.

It's a shocker for me. Like having a girlfriend, always by your side, there for you in every situation except for the horrible fact that she is in COMA ! The same can be said for my laptop. It's very much there, takes in power, the LEDs glow, the hard disk spins, the fan revvs , only the goddamn display doesn't turn up ! Would be almost 5 months since it last worked perfectly alright. It did work with a bit of hammering and slapping a few times in between though.

And the problem is faulty hardware that HP (that lying company that says that your computer is "Personal") has sold to thousands of consumers, me being one of them. They have acknowledged this and extended the warranty by 2 years........ but only in America (the goddamn greatest country on earth, as they say). Indians however, are supposed to pay 20 grand to get the laptop's motherboard replaced. No repair is possible as per those punks who run that crappy 10 by 12 shop known as an 'Authorised HP Service Center'.

Ok..enough of this laptop bullshit. Well, a bit more. Since a laptop was not there, I have been using my mobile phone for all my network cravings. And I thank Nokia for developing a really cool product. Of course, my flatmate, Neo's (no, he's not a hardcore fan of Keanu Reeves) laptop is there (which I am using at the moment for typing out this post). I could have so-called 'texted' a post out of mobile but that just didn't feel right.

I have a few things in mind to write about, one of them will follow. Rest, will probably have to wait until that local repair shop 18km away where I left my laptop last Friday doles out some fruitful results or I buy that killer gaming rig I have always wanted since school !

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