Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a man's world... I don't think so

It's International Women's Day today and hence an apt time for me to utter something. We have all heard the saying "it's a man's world". Well, I don't think so and here are some random reasons :
  • The constitution of India gives equal rights to all citizens - male or female, i.e. no special privileges to men.. end of story.
  • We have seats reserved for women in trains/buses etc. WTF? Why this inequality ?
  • I have never seen girls chasing a guy around. It's always the guy who has to go to extremes just to convince a damn dame that he is a nice guy. It's women on top here.
  • There is no International Men's Day.. lol...
  • Hmm.. I just ran out of reasons...oops...
Any women reading this post by mistake, don't take any of this seriously and me for some anti-women guy.

It's your day, chillout, enjoy!

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