Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day of Days

Last Thursday (March 27th) was a day of events which started from the night of the 26th.

Holi had just passed and my friend Sammy was back in Pune from Lucknow. Mom had given him some stuff (gujia and all) to pass on to me. He had returned on Tuesday and since the items involved were foodstuff I was supposed to collect them asap lest they go bad.

Now, the thing is that Sammy lives in Kothrud which is like the other end of the city. I have never even been to Kothrud or any place nearby. I had decided to go thr on Wed evening after office. Goin by an autorickshaw would have cost a fortune. The place was easily 15 kms away. So I decided to shell out only half of that fortune. I went to the station by an auto and had decided to take a bus from there. My first bus ride in Pune; how romantic ! LOL !

The autowalla dropped me off at the station and from there I had to walk a good couple of hundred metres to get to the place from where the buses ply towards Kothrud. A bus for Kothrud depot just crossed when I reached the stand. It was a choked affair. Had I decided to go with that one, all that was needed was a mad dash to get to the backdoor of the bus and then push my way in. I decided to pass off this one. "Buses to aur bhi aaengi", I thought.

And aur buses nahi aai. I waited for almost half an hour. There were buses for n other parts of the city, none for Kothrud. In vain, I asked an autowalla. "100 Rs sirji", was the prompt reply. How dare he even say that! It's my hard earned money. hehe...

A change of plans was needed. I decided to go back (after wasting 100 bucks and a good one hour) and go next morning by bike.

27th morning came and the day starts. 6:10 by the clock and I am up. It's too damn early. 6:35 and I am game. I didnt know anything about which way to take. Le Meridien goes by and then I ask someone which way to go. I do this tens of times over the next 15-20 minutes. Finally, after a lot of twists and turns on the way I am there. Kothrud Bus Sthanak, it said in Marathi. I called up Sammy and told I am at the bus depot.

He asked me to move on the same road and then there would be a path going down just before a bridge on the highway. I did exactly that and after a good 15-20 mins of confusion, the conclusion was that I was at the wrong place ! How could that be? I asked some guy there who told me that the 'Kothrud Bus Depot' was a separate one. What a shocker ! This was the bus stand. Stand , depot ... wtf... all to confuse us people .

Anyway, time was running out. It was 7:30 already. So I decided to finish it off quickly. I asked Sammy about the way back. He said that I must have missed a bridge in between. Had i taken that bridge I would have landed straight at the depot. Damn that ghaati who told me to skip the bridge and go by the road below ! It's all a plot against us north Indians.

On the way back I stopped at a junction and looked around for clues as to which way I had come from. I had hardly crossed the damn small bridge there that a thulla came and asked me to stop and come with him. Apparently, that small bridge didn't allow 2 wheelers in the day time. WTF. What insane traffic rules are these ? He pointed towards a small board which had something written in Marathi. Now, how is someone unknown to that part of the city supposed to know that that goddamn bridge isn't for two wheelers.

The thulla kinda took away my DL and said that I was supposed to go the RTO , pay a fine there and then take my license back. No way was I going to do that. To cut the story short, he took away a 100 bucks and let me go. Damn ! "Isse accha to auto se hi aa gaya hota" , I thought.

Skipping breakfast (nayee team join kari hai to thoda to natak karna padega na ki time pe aa raha office ) I was at my desk at 9:30 somehow. Then we went for a meeting to GLT 4 (another building of da company) . The project I am currently involved with is on an old framework and they are planning to migrate it to the new version. Meeting isi baare mei thi. After a whole hour and lotsa discussion as to what to do and what not we came back. It was a frustrating affair.

Lunch ho gaya and I was back at my desk. I had to get RAD7 (an IDE used for development) as the new framework I talked about earlier is supported by RAD7 only. The IT ops guy (so called expert) started the installation. Then there was a team meeting ! Ek aur lamba session.

They were discussing the database tables used in the project. It was all Greek n Latin for me. This key mapping here, that mapping there... oof ! After about one and a half hour the meeting got over and upon returning to my desk I found out that the installation had failed ! What a pain !

He started the installation again. 20 mins , 30 mins, 45 mins ... bang... the installer gives an error and fails again ! I didn't know what to do. It was already 6. He then asked me to logout and give him control of the machine. I did some scribbling on my notepad, pretending I was working on something. 6:30 and I leave.

Enough for 1 day !

P.S. I stole the post title 'Day of Days' from an episode of the same name from Band of Brothers.

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