Monday, April 21, 2008

Sue these duffers !

Movies are something that ppl like to go n watch at the cinema halls. But before jumping the gun many of us (like me) go through reviews and ratings. So last month I opened up Rediff's review of the movie Race. And guess what... the entire climax including who dies in the end etc is written right on top of the page. The stupid writer says "I have just spilt the proverbial beans because it'll be a far more interesting movie for you if you go in knowing how it ends."

And then yesterday, Pune Mirror carried a story on Tashan revealing who among Saif/Akshay gets Kareena in the end, what does Anil Kapoor do, who all die , who works for whom etc etc. It was only a day before that I had heard on the telly that the producers of Tashan are trying very hard to keep the story under wraps... and it all ends up in a newspaper !

What fun is then left in goin to the cinema hall ? Aren’t these dumbos depriving the janta of the few hours they could have enjoyed ? Movie producers, please, sue them !

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