Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 seconds of laziness =

a crushed pair of spectacles.

And here's how.

Those spects in the pic are the ones I used to wear at night while driving coz the lenses on them had an anti-glare coating. After I come back from office, I leave them in the helmet. I did just that last night. Today, I wore my other chashma and then realised that these were still lying in the helmet. Lazy as always, I didn't spend even 10 seconds to put them in their case. Instead, I kept them in my shirt's pocket so that I could put them in their case once I reached office. But that was not to be !

They jumped off (lol) from the pocket and got crushed on the road. I realised it when I had reached my desk. Hurriedly, I came back and found them on the road, bruised and battered !

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