Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight, no. 1

Within just two days of its release, The Dark Knight has become the no. 1 movie of all time on IMDb.

I cannot tell how happy I am. Not because I wanted this movie to be no. 1, but because I didn't want The Godfather to be no. 1. I have seen TG only once, and frankly speaking, I didn't like it much. The ending was a waste. I know, you'll say "WTF, this guy sucks !" just like millions of others who have acknowledged that TG is the greatest story ever told.

However, this humble blogger here doesn't feel the same. And I will go on to say that Marlon Brando's role was nothing spectacular. How much of screen time did he have ? huh ?

Thanks to all who voted for TDK and I think the folks at IMDb would also welcome the change. :P


abhinav said...

Despite the fact the I myself believe that TDK is just awesome!!!!! I dont deny that TDK is the best. Still u cannt write the shitt abt TG. That movie was made in some different era where only performances created the movie, not the animation. So better leave the two separately. No comparisons. Remove that negative ich in u for TG my dear humble blogger....

Tarun Varshney said...

I m not comparing the two in anyway.. I never said that TDK is the best.. I only said that the TG is not the best..

plus imdb is a fan voting.. out of millions who vote, some are certainly bound to be thr who dont like a particular movie.. In my case , its the movies at the top !